The Band

Chicago’s Romantic Rebel delivers a brand of female fronted high energy rock that has been taking the scene by storm.

Formed in 2012 by siblings KT Paige (vocals) and Alex Vincent (guitar), the band quickly recruited Danny D (bass) and Marcus Lee (drums) to form what would become Romantic Rebel.

Becoming a promotion machine, the group immediately started booking shows and distributing free music to build a fan base. This self motivated hard work ethic caught the attention of Chicago based record label Pavement Entertainment. The band and label quickly entered into a Artist Partnership and development deal. Under Pavement’s direction, Romantic Rebel developed their image, music, and stage show throughout 2013.

After getting numerous regional shows and festivals under their belts with national acts and building a loyal and rabid fanbase, the group entered the studio in late 2013 with world renowned producer Ulrich Wild (deftones, static-x, breaking Benjamin) to record their debut album in Los Angeles, CA.

The album was completed and released on April 29th, 2014, being named Revolver Magazine’s ‘Album of the Week’, only days after it’s release.

The result: a modern rock anthem with many throwbacks to classic acts such as Van Halen and Aerosmith. Blending female vocals with classic overtones has given Romantic Rebel an upper hand to the seemingly stale rock scene. A hybrid of modern and classic elements that is sure to turn the heads of fans and critics alike.



Romantic Rebel 

KT Paige

Alex Vincent

Danny D

Marcus Lee